Doing Life Together

ID-100255107Is one of your life goals to be content? If so, you may find it difficult to reach that goal given the culture in which we live. Daily, we are bombarded by media messages to never be satisfied with what we have. To be happy, we are told we need more stuff, more power, more money and more fame. Basically, the message is that more is better. We are sold this path to contentment and apparently we are buying it.

One only has to look at the high rate of consumer debt. People are not content to live within their means. We need bigger houses, more expensive cars, designer clothes, expensive toys and the latest technology. Get it now. Pay later. You deserve the biggest and the best regardless of what you can afford.

Advertisers convince us that we cannot possibly be happy until we buy their products. They thrive on our discontent. That restless longing for more sells products and motivates us to buy. We must have the latest and newest of whatever in order to preserve our image and keep up with those around us. To be without threatens our self-worth.

In our quest for more and better, we are on the move. We look for better jobs and places to live. Job and career changes are often based on where we can find a better lifestyle, cost of living, and opportunities for advancement.

When relationships do not satisfy our deepest longings, we look around and think someone else will fill that emptiness or meet that need. Dissatisfaction also leads to clamoring for our rights and fair treatment. Getting fair treatment and an improved partner are supposed to bring us happiness and put a stop to discontent. But they do not because discontent in not rooted in someone else making us happy, keeping up with trends or finding the perfect mate.

To learn the secret of contentment, we must get our eyes off the things around us and on to God. His strength, not stuff,  is the source of our contentment. Like the Apostle Paul said, do not be anxious about anything, but in all things be grateful and give thanks. In prayer, present your needs to God. Thank God for what He will do. And the peace of God will fill your heart.

When you are tempted to want more as a source of contentment, instead trust God and think on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. It will keep you from discontent, and bring needed peace for that moment. Rest in Him.

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