Doing Life Together

Mothers all over the country will be receiving flowers, candy and going out to dinner. There will be special celebrations and lots of different feelings about the mothers being honored.

For some, it will be a difficult day as they struggle to find ways to honor a problematic relationship.  Others will joyfully celebrate the special mother-child bond.

But this Mother’s Day, I want moms to not only think about receiving gifts, but consider the gifts they give when raising children.

One of the greatest gifts a mother can give a child is to be a mom who has worked on her own emotional issues. That’s right, the better a mother feels about herself as a woman and the more confident she is in her Christ identity, the greater gift she gives to her children.

Women who work out their relationship issues with their own moms, become strong, confident, self-defined women who pass that gift on to their children. In other words, how you deal with your mother is a model for how your children will deal with you.

It’s never too late to improve the mother-child relationship. It might take forgiveness, grace and reconciliation, but it is worth it. Teach by example. Women who have poor relationships with their own mothers typically have issues with their own children.

So this Mother’s Day, honor your mom by committing to work out your issues and strengthen the relationship. Stay connected even when difficulty presents because you are teaching your children how to handle relationships.

The more you work it out with your mother, the better mother you will be to your children. And that is a gift that continues to give for generations.

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