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ID-100191645What if I told you that a special type of socks could help you lose weight? Because of the way the socks are designed, they actually suck out the body fat from your sweating feet.

Say goodbye to unwanted weight! All you have to do is put on the socks and sweat away! Then wash them and the fat away!

Here is how it works. As a person’s body heat rises, blood vessels dilate and the “excess lipid from the body through the sweat” draws out the fat! Bingo, a little less fat!


This was a hoax reported in the Daily Mail on April 1, 2000! Would you have believed it? The story said that Esporta Health Clubs launched the FatSox by American inventor, Professor Frank Ellis Elgood. Crazy, if you really think about it, but those of us desperate to loose weight may try anything!  We try all kinds of fad diets and devices aimed at sucking away that unwanted fat! Most of the quick weight loss products are April Fools!

My apologies if I annoyed you this April Fools day. I have actually had fun trying to pull off a prank or two on April Fools Day! Humor is good for the soul. We need to laugh once in a while and so a day dedicated to a little fun isn’t a bad idea.

Laughter relaxes you, boosts your immune system, releases feel-good chemicals in the body and protects your heart. It is a great stress reducer and mood booster. It is also important in building resiliency.

And that is truth!

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