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anxious womanWe all experience anxious moments in our lives. Think about the first time you performed on stage, went out on a date, got married, or gave birth. Anxiety pushed you forward in a healthy and productive way. It came, propelled you to action, and then subsided. But what happens when it doesn’t subside? What if the anxious feelings persist and prevent you from doing even the simplest of tasks? What if anxiety pervades your thoughts and you find yourself worrying excessively? When this happens, you may be experiencing an anxiety disorder.

When we have persistent anxiety, our bodies react both physically and emotionally, We can experience a racing heart, shortness of breath, sweating, dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, hot flashes, the “lump in the throat”, shaking, restlessness, tiredness, muscle tension, excessive worry, problems concentrating, irritability, and /or difficulty sleeping.

You may wonder why some people experience more anxiety than others. One reason is they may have inherited anxiety responses. Others may have trouble coping with stress and pressure. For some, medical conditions, such as chronic asthma, heart disease, and cancer, can bring on anxiety. Other problems, such as substance abuse, can be factors too. Many people develop anxiety disorders from the inability to cope with loss and things out of their control.

Over three hundred times in the Bible God tells us not to fear. He knows our human tendency, so He provides help to overcome anxiety. Philippians 4:6-8 gives the formula:

  • Talk to God about everything (pray). No matter what the problem, we are told to take it to prayer and to cast all our burdens on the Lord. Unlike people, God does not get overburdened, and He can handle all your cares. He never tires of listening to you.
  • Make your requests known (supplication). We have to tell God what it is that we need. James 4:2 says we don’t have because we don’t ask. Matthew 21:22 says, “Whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” So be bold and tell Him your specific requests.
  • Thank Him for what He’s already done. Does this mean we thank God for the horrible situation we may be facing? No. It means we thank Him because He’s already done what is necessary to help us. He died on the cross and rose again. He will supply all our needs (see Phil. 4:19), not just some. Give thanks because it’s already done!
  • Believe God can help you. Notice the scripture says to ask and believe. You can’t ask and then wonder or doubt. You must trust God to be true to His Word.
  • Meditate on the positive and true things of God. Verse 8 tells us what kinds of things to meditate upon. What are the true things? The things God have promised us. When we do this, the promise is we will have the peace of God, and our hearts and minds will be guarded.

God wants to hear our cares and to reassure us that He loves us. Most of all, He wants us to have peace in the storms of life.

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