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ID-100124953Kylie started dating Tyler a few months ago. At first, Tyler seemed to be an upright guy. A little intense at times, with short anger bursts, but he was a guy, right? Wrong. That intensity was a red flag Kylie ignored. However, the more they were together, the more she noticed Tyler trying to control her and becoming jealous if she even talked to another guy.

One night when Kylie confronted Tyler on how unreasonable he was becoming, he slapped her and called her a name. The minute he crossed the line, he apologized and promised to never do it again, blaming Kylie for angering him. Fortunately, Kylie had enough self-respect to call it quits and not accept Tyler’s excuse. She knew this was a toxic relationship.

The website published these warning signs to help you determine if your dating relationship is abusive, problematic or healthy. Remember, no one deserves to ever be hit or disrespected. Label abuse as abuse and don’t except excuses, especially excuses that involve you angering another person. We all get angry now and then, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to hit or degrade another person.

Look at these questions. If you answer YES to any of them, consider it a warning sign of trouble. Share these questions with your friends so they can be more aware of signs that point to trouble as well:

–Does the person check your email or cell phone without your permission?

–Does the person constantly put you down?

–Is he/she extremely jealous or insecure?

–Does he/she have an explosive temper?

–Does he/she isolate you from friends and family?

–Does he/she make false accusations?

–Does he/she physically hurt you in any way?

–Does he/she tell you what to do?

–Does he/she repeatedly pressure you to have sex?

Pay attention to the signs! If you need help ending a toxic relationship, talk to your friends, family or a mental health professional who can guide you and make sure you are safe. Abuse doesn’t get better in a relationship. Most times, it worsens.




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