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ID-100376457Christmas is about the birth of Christ. The Prince of Peace was born. Now, fast forward to Luke Chapter 24 where we find Jesus revealing himself to some of his followers after his resurrection.

Unlike the long awaited birth of Christ, Jesus comes to those who think his death has ended everything. The chance for peace on earth seemed shattered with his death. But as he walked the earth in his transformed body, he gives his followers a glimpse into what awaits them in eternity–a new body and life eternal with God.

When the people saw Christ after the resurrection, they didn’t recognize him at first. When their eyes were opened, Luke tell us that the people were startled and frightened.

But Jesus’s response to them was immediately to say, “Peace be to you!” When Jesus stepped into their lives unexpectedly, He transformed fear to peace.

This Christmas, let Jesus step into your life-in all the lonely places, the discouragement and anxiety you may feel. He brings His peace.

The angel Gabriel said to Mary, “Peace be to you,” when he told her of the baby she carried in her womb. At Jesus’ birth, the angels declared, “Peace on earth.” And then, after the crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus again tells his creation to be at peace. Whenever Jesus is present, peace is declared.

So this holiday season, if you struggle to make sense of your life, your circumstances or your relationships, allow the Prince of Peace to step into your life.

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