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Holidays can prove to be challenging when it comes to fighting addictions. For those who struggle with food problems and binge eating, New Year’s Eve and day can prove most difficult.

Food abounds and is the focus of celebration. Both the evening before and day of the new year are opportunities to rack up the calories.

If this happens to you, put it behind you and do a reboot after the weekend. Begin with a fresh slate, refusing to wallow in guilt and regret.

For those of you struggling with alcohol and drug addictions, the stakes are higher. The New Year celebrations are triggers for relapse. So here are a few recommendations to get you through the night and day.

1) You can completely forget the holiday and do something that won’t trigger your urge to drink or use. Don’t do what everyone else is doing–celebrating with drinks, parties, etc. If you are a person of faith, your safest place is in church if you can find one that holds a New Year’s Eve service.

2) Don’t be alone. It is too tempting to feel sorry for yourself and use. Find someone to spend the evening with who will help keep you accountable.

3) Attend a 12 step meeting. You will find plenty of people joining you!

4) Have your sponsor’s number with you and on speed dial. Use the support you know you may need.

5) Rehearse your Serenity Prayer and remember your 12 steps and tags like, “Let Go and Let God.”

6) Take this one day at a time. It will soon pass and you will feel so good and strong that you didn’t give in to the moment and blow your sobriety.

7) Finally, pray in the New Year. Thank God for his blessings, provisions, healing, and strength. You are not alone in this process! Remember, when you are weak, He is strong. Lean on that strength through prayer and Bible reading.

Now ring in the New Year sober, mindful and strong!

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