Doing Life Together

Pr_25_-_TRS_-_23_04_10_0828Friendships! Do we nurture, appreciate and take care of them?

Having a friend you can count on is priceless, so perhaps we should pay attention to those important relationships that bring so much to our lives.

The other day I had to record spots for radio that we call the Mintle Health Minute. My producer, Pam Miller, had written copy for that spot. It was so good, I wanted to share it. Thanks Pam!

Ever heard the expression, “to have a friend, be a friend?” Most of us have. If you really want to be a treasured friend, why not visit the friendship spa?

Before you think this sounds crazy and expensive, I’m not talking about a real spa here. I am suggesting that just like a real spa though, you enlist some soothing treatments for your friendships.

Try this one: Why not soak your friend in prayer? Praying for someone builds compassion; it helps us see them as God does. How about this? Apply a liberal amount of encouragement. Just like aroma therapy, encouraging your friend’s abilities and strengths releases the sweet scent of trust and understanding.

Sometimes a friendship might need a deep tissue massage to get at the root of disagreement. But if you’ve been visiting the friendship spa, then the truth of Proverbs 27:6, where it tells that the loving reproof of a friend will only make us and our friendship stronger, will take effect.

So how about it, why not give the friendship spa a try!

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