What does it mean to be called by God? Too often we think this means we need to work in a  ministry or  church. But calling is something every person of faith must embrace.

First and foremost is to understand that vocation and calling are the same. In his helpful book, The Call, author Os Guinness reminds us that most of us long to fulfill a purpose in life bigger than ourselves and want to operate with meaning and purpose. To work and move in such purpose requires us to understand that God calls us first to himself, and out of that calling comes everything else.

Calling and vocation are not separate. Whether our calling is to be the best mother possible or the CEO of a corporation, the central focus of our calling is to God first. Calling centers us and is more than being and doing because it also involves becoming all that God intended. Whether you work in a secular or religious setting is irrelevant. Knowing your call, no matter where you operate, gives meaning to work.

 Do What You Are

Related to calling, always be who you are and act in accordance with the giftings God has given you. In our culture, we often allow jobs to define us. But Guinness says that instead of becoming what we do, we are to do what we are.

God has given us gifts to be used in the service to others. We steward those gifts through the work God provides and calls us to do. C.S. Lewis says it this way, “The more we get what we now call ‘ourselves’ out of the way and let Him take us over, the more truly ourselves we become.”

What God leads me to do may not be the same for you. So comparing yourself to others and acting as if there is one path to fulfill the call of God in your life is narrow thinking and not wise. Each of us is unique and need to focus on who we are and allow God to lead us accordingly.

So embrace who you are and where God has placed you. You are called first to Him and out of that call everything else flows.

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