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child playingThe push to academic learning at the expense of exercise has some parents concerned. Connie thinks her preschoolers academic learning doesn’t include enough exercise. She decided to meet with her preschool’s administration. The push for academic achievement is  appreciated, but her preschooler needs recess and the school has reduced it to 10 minutes a day due to needing more academic time.

The mom in Connie knew that exercise was just as important to her son’s development as a good student. Not only does exercise help prevent obesity, but it also helps with developing motor and social skills. And those skills are just as important to her son’s overall education.

Connie knows that exercise and learning are linked together. She wants her preschool to be more creative in finding ways for kids to move, even when engaged in learning. Here are her 5 suggestions:

1) Sing songs with lots of movement and action.

2) Teach math skills with active learning, e.g., jumping, exploring, moving and counting objects in a room, etc.

3) Play cooperative learning games that teach social skills and motor development.

4) Add more recess time to the already limited time it is given. Ten minutes to run outside is not enough towards the 2 hours of exercise preschoolers need.

5) Worry less about dull drilling on numbers and letters, and instill a love for learning through active experiences.

It’s true that exercise can help kids learn better. So maybe we need to listen to this smart mom and take a few of her suggestions.



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