Doing Life Together

I love my motherThis week we celebrate Mother’s Day. All over this county, moms will be receiving flowers, candy and going out to dinner. There will be special celebrations and multiple ways to honor our moms.

But this Mother’s Day, I want moms to think about the gift they give through the years when they raise their children, especially mothers who raise daughters.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is a mom whose identity is firm and certain. That’s right, the better you feel about yourself, the more confident you are as a woman, the better gift you give your daughter. You give the gift of a positive and strong woman identity.

How you do that has to do with Mother’s Day and honoring your own mother. No matter the state of your relationship with mom, it’s never too late to love, honor and connect with your  mom. The more you work things out with your  mom, the better mother you will be to your children. Teach by doing. Develop the “I” in “You,” because a mom who knows who she is, passes that legacy to her children.

This Mother’s Day honor your mom by working out your issues with her. Stay connected to her even when difficult issues present because you are teaching your daughter how to handle this powerful relationship. The more you work it our with your mom, the better mother you will be to your children. And that is a gift that continues to give for generations.



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