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Letting Go of WorryAnxiety is something we are all familiar with and sometimes struggle to overcome. Certainly, there are the therapy approaches and medications to help with anxiety. But what about lifestyle changes that lessen anxiety and may even be the root cause. Here are 10 to consider:

  1. Reduce stress: Where and when you can, this change in lifestyle goes a long way to reduce anxiety.
  2. Regular aerobic exercise: Exercise is a known anxiety reducer. Add it to your routine and feel the benefit.
  3. Time management: Anxiety is often spawned by feeling like there isn’t enough time to do all you need to do. With a little time management, you have simply reduced the stress.
  4. Adequate rest and sleep hygiene: So important to combatting anxiety that this intervention alone could find you peace.
  5. Reduce or eliminate stimulants -Caffeine can trigger anxiety as well as some medications. Take a look at what you are ingesting.
  6. Reduce or eliminate alcohol: Alcohol can be a trigger for anxiety. See how you feel when this is reduced or eliminated.
  7. Stop smoking–smoking is a stimulant and tends to increase anxiety. A sure bet to reduce anxiety.
  8. Find a person with whom you can talk and let feelings out (support). When we feel supported, we face difficulty much better.
  9. Supplement your diet with a multivitamin, esp. with A, B and C vitamins and extra calcium (calms the nervous system and look into herbs that foster relaxation such as Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Skullcap, Dandelion; Kava Kava can work as a calming agent.
  10. Limit exposure to violent media (could include the nightly news). This may surprise you but watching too much violence and mayhem can trigger anxious feelings. Turn it off and view more positive media.

Finally a lifestyle change that will help keep you in peace is regular Bible reading. This is a way to daily renew the mind and take your anxious thoughts captive.


For more help with anxiety and worry, check out Dr. Linda Mintle’s book, Letting Go of Worry



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