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Yesterday, I heard a CNN reporter talking about the movie 50 Shades of Grey like she was promoting a Disney Movie. I was stunned by what she was saying. She was giddy with approval (not sure how that was journalism) and telling me to take my husband or boyfriend to see the movie. Oh, but leave dad at home.

So, in her opinion, I would want to sit with my husband or boyfriend and watch Dakota Johnson topless having bondage sex. This would be a great date or experience? According to the reporter this would be fun!

All I could think of is how uncomfortable and embarrassing this would be. I would want Dakota to put her clothes on and stop allowing a man to hurt and objectify her. I would be distraught at the porn, thinking this is some dad’s little girl. Actually, I would probably be yelling this in the theatre, so it is best I don’t go.

I openly admit I haven’t read the books and I won’t see the movie. The media hype has been over the edge and the true critics see Fifty Shades as a mediocre movie at best. But one review caught my eye and gave some explanation as to why this movie is so popular.

Behind all the sex, LifeSiteNews writer, Kirsten Anderson, gets to the heart of what is attracting so many women. She writes, “Forget the porn for a minute; forget the abuse.  In Fifty Shades, we have a story that has touched the hearts of millions of women, and underneath its filthy exterior, at its core, it’s about unconditional love and redemption.”

And after a thoughtful analysis, Kirsten challenges Christians, “… this is our story. If a hundred million people will shell out for a counterfeit paperback version of a love we live every day, we should see that not just as an attack, but an opportunity. Love is our story.  Let’s tell it better.”

I couldn’t agree more.

To read her analysis, click here.

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