Doing Life Together

ID-100209624I spent a week in South Florida this Christmas break. Every morning I was up and out the door to do a 2 mile hike to the beach. I simply got out of bed, put on my workout clothes and bolted out the door. I felt motivated, cheery and happy to be in the warm sunshine.

I’m now back in the cold. It is dreary and raining and nothing in me even wants to dress for the gym. I lack motivation to go out! What a contrast. Apparently, weather affects my desire and motivation to exercise. I either need to move south or come up with a plan! Since moving isn’t an option…

One thought is to throw my workout clothes in the dryer and warm them up! Maybe that will inspire me to confront the cold!

OK, I have the clothes on and feel more like I might work out!

Now I have to ignore that voice in my head saying, “Stay inside where it is warm and forget going out.” Instead, I need to determine to go out. Don’t allow excuses and embrace Nike’s JUST DO IT attitude!

Now get up and move. Move in the house for a few minutes. This usually gets my body up and going. Somehow, this pushes me towards the door.

Finally, be a grown up. Schedule the time or day. Go. I don’t have to like this or want to do it. I tell myself the benefits of exercise and remind myself how good I feel AFTER I have done it.

A few more tips:

For me, I have to schedule it in my week or it won’t happen. It has to be intentional.

Also, if I can find someone to walk with me, go to the gym or a class, I’ll follow through better than doing it alone.

Finally, my biggest and best motivation is having a dog who loves to go out in the cold weather. She needs to walk every day! And when you wear a permanent black fur coat like she does, the cold weather is a relief from the scorching sun of summer. All I have to do is look at her eyes that are telling me it is time to head out. I can’t resist that face and so here we go. And while I prefer to be in sunny Florida, I don’t live there.

So for now, it’s all about self-motivation. I can do it. And so can you!




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