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ID-100255107Money can’t buy you love but it sure can make love difficult. Especially if you are in a relationship and not managing your money well. When it comes to money, here are 5 tips to live in relationship harmony:

1) Decide how your credit cards will be used when you enter a relationship. One person can create lots of debt but the financially burden falls on both and can ruin credit. So look at your credit debt, decide on which cards to use and which ones to cut up. Then discuss what the rules of use will be in your relationship and stay accountable to each other for those rules.

2) Talk about ALL purchases, especially anything over $100. Don’t hide your finances and expect the relationship to go well. Be up front regarding need and want. Make decisions about buying as a couple.

3) Share your spending and buying strategies. Your habits have developed since childhood, but your partner doesn’t know how you think about money and spending unless you share that information. It’s best to talk strategy at the beginning of a relationship and develop a plan the two of you can agree upon. Look at your family spending habits and see where areas of incompatibility and compatibility seem to be.

4) Don’t make excuses or look for someone to bail you out when you overspend. Staying within the spending limits brings peace to a relationship. Ignoring the guidelines creates tension and bad will. If you blow it, have to plan to fix the issue. Be honest and fix the problem.

5) Figure out who handles money the best of the two of you and allow that person to be the overseer. If you are better at finances and allow your partner to be in control, resentment might build up. Better to talk about who runs finances the best and give that person the lead. When couples can honestly decide who handles money best and yield control to that person, conflict usually stays low.

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