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When comedian Ellen Degeneres stepped out of her shower wrapped like a mummy to show America how she prepared for the Oscars in 2011, we all got a good laugh. She was engaging in one of the beauty secrets of the stars–body wraps!

Yes, the all natural body wrap claims to slim down the body, treat cellulite, detox the body and cause weight loss. The “science” I found on many product websites is based on the wrap drawing out the toxins in your body’s fat cells. By applying natural products to the skin and wrapping the body in bandages, the toxins ooze out resulting in natural weight loss.

Sound great, right? Well, the age old question is, “Does this really work?” Do these body wraps remove inches and toxins?

I hate to be a kill joy, but doctors say there is no real science to support the body wrap claims for weight loss and cellulite removal. Sandra Fryhofer, MD, past president of the American College of Physicians, says. “I don’t know of any scientific basis for the detox.” The body wraps temporarily makes you lose water weight, but that weight loss quickly disappears. You lose weight because you are sweating.

And the wraps don’t rid a person of cellulite as some also claim. You just can’t suck out the fat through a wrap! Your skin might look better after the wrap but the cellulite won’t magically disappear. Body wraps are considered a fad when it comes to weight loss claims.

That said, the body wrap can feel very relaxing and make you feel pampered and temporarily smooth out your skin. Many spas offer these treatments. If you want one, go ahead and indulge yourself, but know you aren’t buying a weight loss method or cellulite removal.

And the body wraps that have a lot of fragrance can irritate the skin of some people.

Also, if you struggle with claustrophobia, the wrap could bring on a sense of anxiety or panic.

Dehydration can also result if a person doesn’t stay hydrated.

The bottom line: Body wraps feel good, calm the nerves and allow you to be pampered. Other claims need to be proven by real science and so far, the scientific community can’t support those claims.



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