Doing Life Together

While my team did not make it to the super bowl this year, I am excited to see the big game as those two teams should put on quite the show.

But Madonna for the half time entertainment?

A friend of mine asked me who still listens to Madonna? I really don’t know. She must sell music or she wouldn’t have been asked to do this gig. But every time I see Madonna, I feel like I am seeing a little girl locked in a grown up body. She seems like a wounded soul who is desperately seeking someone other than Susan!

And maybe that is what I sense–the seeker searching for validation and acceptance. I suspect that under all the bravado and strutting is a women in need of someone to love and to be loved back. She’s tried spirituality but needs the love of Jesus.

Madonna seems like a woman who has never grown past the identity verses confusion stage of Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development. Her constant reinventing of herself could be viewed as massive insecurity and a need to be noticed. This 50 something seems determined to stay young and relevant.

But it is like watching a former beauty queen trying to regain her title.

Madonna and I are about the same age. Maybe that is why it bothers me to see her acting like a teenager. Most women my age have grown into their skin.

I’m sure she’ll dance her heart out. I read that she spent 13 hours a day preparing for one of her music videos. That’s about what is would take to get a 50-year-old body to compete with Britney Spears!

So while you could admire her for still giving it the college try, I say it’s time to graduate and pass the baton. Old rock stars can still play the music, but there is something unsettling about watching them do it.









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