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I’ve been doing a number of radio shows because of my new book, Letting Go of Worry. The question continues to be asked, “What do you do with worried thoughts?”

First, let me tell you what doesn’t work-trying to suppress a worried thought! If you keep telling yourself to stop worrying, you will probably worry more. Trying to suppress or push down a worried thought results in more worry.

So, first identify the worried thought. Let it come. It is what you do with it that matters.

Then, take it captive. This means do not allow it to wander in worried waters. Confine it.

Replace that thought with God’s truth–He promises provision, help in time of trouble, His presence, etc. To do this, you must renew your mind with the character of God and His promises. I list several versus in the back of the book to help with this.

The point is that worried thoughts can be captured and redirected.

For more help letting go of worry, click on the book cover on the right.

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