Doing Life Together

Last night I had interesting conversation with friends at dinner.  We were talking about a comment my pastor made on Sunday. He mentioned that Bible stories were not just in the Bible to record nice stories, but they were there to help us relate to difficulties when they come. I know we know this, and it wasn’t a new thought, but how often do we think about what we are going through and place our life stories in the context of those Bible stories? We forget. Bible stories are for grown ups too!

So we started talking about our lives and related what we we were currently going through to a specific biblical story. Then we used those stories to encourage one another.

One friend felt like she was in the fiery furnace. That no matter what she prayed and did, breakthrough wasn’t coming, fires were burning and she could barely catch her breath. Like Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego, she knew God was with her in the fire and completely trusted Him for the outcome. Despite all the people pulling against her, she was protected from harm. Her conclusion-God could be trusted even when the fires are burning hot.

Another friend had a relationship with his boss like David with Saul. One moment the boss was praising him and giving him assignments, the next moment the fiery spears would fly. Like David, he trusted God for his tomorrow. God had his back. He wondered about the timing of God’s intervention, but trusted that God was working on his behalf. The plans God had for him are good.

Another friend felt like Joseph. She was in a job,unappreciated and thrown to the side while others ascended. She could relate to being in the prison of neglect and rejection, hoping and praying that the “king” would remember her and release her from false charges that caused the rejection. Like Joseph, she believed God would restore what was lost.

By the end of dinner, we were laughing and smiling. Life may have thrown us a few curves, but we were determined to react to those curves like the people of faith who went before us.

So next time you need a little encouragement regarding your own life story, grab that Bible storybook and think about the lessons we were taught as kids in Sunday School. They aren’t just for kids!



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