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Stephen Colbert’s Catholicism continues to grab attention. The latest, from Kathryn Jean Lopez: “I hope that applause is for my mother’s womb.” I certainly enjoyed when Stephen Colbert slipped that in during a recent appearance on ABC’s The View. The …Read More

The good people at the Religion News Service have discovered something a lot of us have known for a while: MCPF (My Close Personal Friend) Stephen Colbert is, indeed, a good Catholic boy: Colbert has said that he attends church, …Read More

For various people who have wondered about the man’s religious devotion — especially in light of his recent testimony before Congress — I found this snip from an interview in 2009: Would your family all sing carols on Christmas Eve? …Read More

His now-famous — and infamous — testimony on Capitol Hill included one surprising moment when, it seems, he broke character and quoted this scripture passage. Colbert teaches Sunday school at his Catholic parish Montclaire, New Jersey. It’s nice to see …Read More

Well, it’s been a while since MCPF Stephen Colbert appeared on The Bench, but I’m delighted to bring him back for a special salute to my Boston siblings in Electronic Evangelization, Catholic TV. Take it away, Steve. The Colbert Report …Read More

This is just priceless: Stephen Colbert chatting with the Vatican astronomer, Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, about extraterrestrial life.  The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Gold, Frankincense and Mars – Guy Consolmagno Colbert Report Full Episodes Political …Read More

I posted this eons ago, back at my old blog site, but it seems a good time to revisit this classic from My Close Personal Friend (MCPF) Stephen Colbert. Happy Feast of Christ the King, y’all.

Check out this classic Colbert from earlier in the week. MCPF Stephen Colbert on the pope: “He’s like a flying squirrel.” You have to see it. Enjoy.

That’s what the “T” of the cross really means, doesn’t it? Check out this priceless Stephen Colbert take-down of Justice Antonin Scalia. And a grateful h/t to my new blog neighbor Michelle McGinty. (For those who are new to my …Read More

If true, what does that make MCPF Stephen Colbert? Anyway: the scoop on Stewart, from David Waters in the Washington Post: In the July issue of Sojourners magazine, the Rev. Jim Wallis calls the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart a prophet. …Read More