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John Allen offers his two cents: In Dolan, the bishops have turned to their most gifted natural communicator, a leader with a demonstrated capacity to project a positive image for Catholicism in the public square. Rather than electing a behind-the-scenes …Read More

That’s the provocative opener to a terrific essay by my Assistant News Director, Shu-Fy Pongnon, who riffs on the subject at Patheos: “What if I told you Jesus was a Black man?” How I came to ask Marie this entirely …Read More

This news caused a stir last week, and I’m pleased to report that my show “Currents” (on Brooklyn’s Catholic cable channel NET) got the first broadcast interview with Archbishop Donald Wuerl, discussing his appointment to the committee helping to bring …Read More

August 11 is the feast of a familiar saint, Clare of Assisi.  I know her well.  We have a beautiful engraving of St. Clare hanging in the small chapel of the NET, where I work, and visitors are often surprised …Read More

The Academy Award-winning star popped up on “Currents” last week to talk about his new movie, and its undercurrent of faith.

The Bishop of Tucson, Gerald Kicanas, presides over a diocese that runs along the border with Mexico . He’s been vocal about immigration reform, and he gave an interview to “Currents” last week, just before the controversial new Arizona law …Read More

During my recent visit to Cincinnati, I spent a pleasant hour sipping coffee at “The Catholic Cafe,” the radio show hosted by Deacon Jeff Drzycimski. The program we taped is now online for those who’d like to hear Your Humble …Read More

If you saw this memorable video of Mary Anne Marks (Harvard ’10), you couldn’t fail to be impressed.  Not only did she give that speech in Latin (it’s actually an annual custom at Harvard), but she is also  joining the …Read More

Recently, Elizabeth “The Anchoress” Scalia posted about attending a Catholic writer’s conference. Some of her (always interesting!) impressions can be found right here. But if you want to see more — and hear from The A herself! — check out …Read More

Incredibly, it was one year ago tonight that we launched the world’s first — and so far, only — 30-minute daily Catholic news show. Today marks the one-year anniversary of “Currents,” the nightly news magazine on the NET, the cable …Read More