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The pope had some wise things to say to young people from Catholic Action during a question and answer session Saturday: After a question from a young woman of Catholic Action, Benedict XVI responded, “It is very important, I would …Read More

A dramatic standoff in an Iraqi Catholic church has come to a violent end. Details: At least seven Iraqi Christian worshipers and seven Iraqi security forces were killed Sunday night after commandos stormed a church in Baghdad where a band …Read More

Maybe, according to this report: Fifty years after the pill, another birth control revolution may be on the horizon: free contraception for women in the U.S., thanks to the new health care law. That could start a shift toward more …Read More

That’s the title of a new documentary, about the world’s oldest holocaust survivor. The trailer is below. Here is grace, dignity, courage and hope, summed up so beautifully in her simple creed: “Music is God.”

For the last day of the month: what may arguably be Barry Manilow’s best song (or, at least, my own personal favorite), set to a gorgeous lyric by the legendary Johnny Mercer. The Wikipedia entry on this song says: In …Read More

Decorating your home with synchronized Christmas lights and music is so 1980. Why not decorate for other holidays, too?  Check out the incredible Halloween display below, set to “Thriller.” Wow. I mean, just WOW. 

With the election just a couple days away, the man who is hoping to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives had a few things to say recently about prayer: House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has a …Read More

I was pleased to see the Concord Pastor discovered this recording of John Becker’s beautiful “Litany of the Saints.” It’s been used a time or two in my diocese at the cathedral. While not as haunting as the traditional Gregorian …Read More

That is one message that is often lost during Respect Life month, and the USCCB is bringing it to the forefront as October comes to an end: As the 2010 edition of Respect Life Month drew to a close, the …Read More

Beliefnet’s Movie Mom Nell Minow is featuring at her blog a promotional clip for the upcoming movie, “There Be Dragons,” about Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei.   The movie is due out in the spring of 2011.  Take a …Read More