The Deacon's Bench

Want to simplify your life? Try this:

When it comes to living in such a small space, we don’t have room for more than the necessities. I think we have maybe two items in the entire space that are purely decorative. But if I had to define our style, I’d say we’re probably a lot like you: a bit modernist, a bit vintage-y, a bit Ikea, and a bit plain old functional.

When we were thinking about what kind of cabin we wanted, we found we were inspired by two things: the utilitarianism of houseboats, as well as summer camp buildings, with their exposed framing and unapologetic woodiness. We also agreed that we wanted to be transparent about our sources, which is why we didn’t make any effort to hide the lumber stamps and the discoloration caused by the pine beetle infestation that’s plaguing the Pacific Northwest. This infestation is part of our ecological historical record, and we find that really interesting. (Also interesting: we recently discovered that the lumber industry has found a way to upmarket this lumber by calling it “denim pine”.)

Underlying this entire project is our fascination with extreme small-space living. Neither John nor I are naturally minimalists, so it’s been an interesting experiment.

Yeah, I’d say so. Read how they did it.