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A few days ago, I posted this bizarre video of an outdoor mass in Austria. I asked if anyone could translate, and one of my readers — a deacon in Washington, DC — generously obliged.

His text:

On the 29th of June, the pastor of Vienna’s Cathedral, Father Toni Faber celebrated the so called Western Mass at the Danube Island Festival, for the third time. The Danube Island Festival is an annual large open air music festival in Vienna.

For the Mass the faithful sat on picnic tables {like in a beer garden}. For the first couple of rows there were no beer tables. In the first rows, sat among others the organizers. They appeared in full western regalia.

All the images of Gloria TV video come from the forward core area of the gathering- i.e 2/3 of the gathering- the camera only rolled during from the gospel to the final blessing.

To the right and the left during the Mass beverages and grilled meat were sold. On the stage musicians played gospel music : during the communion “We are the world” from Michael Jackson was sung. The congregants behaved as if they were at a barbecue. At the picnic tables there were ashtrays. During the Mass, people smoked, ate and drank. On almost all the tables, there were drinks.

In his homily, Father Faber made a point of saying that Cardinal Schönborn expressly approved this celebration. Despite the fact that Gloria TV had documented liturgical abuses during the previous years, Despite international exposure and world criticism, Cardinal Schönborn stands behind the event.

Quote from the Homily

” Our Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who yesterday I told that I would be with you, sends you his blessings and greetings, stated clearly a couple of months ago, that things cannot remains the same as it is now, we don’t only need the permanent renewal of the Church but we have to look at areas that are hot button issues, and change things now.”

Commentary continues

Some during the consecration lay on blankets. A woman sunned herself directly in front of the altar. Another woman prepared set up a meal, which had been brought by her husband. She then interrupted her activity to quickly stand up and pray. The sign of peace took place over half eaten food. For the communion Father Faber extended an open invitation to those attending the barbecue.

Quote from Father Faber

All who feel well prepared are invited to take part, and others are requested to keep an appropriate quiet, so that they may support those in prayer, and not disturb others.

Image of man smoking , commentary continues.
On the accompanying sheet, there was an expressly invitation to open communion.

Narrator reads from the sheet. Image of the song sheet.
“All baptized christians, who in their hearts feel an invitation to receive communion and who acknowledge the continued presence of the Lord in the Eucharist are invited.”
Commentary closes.

At the conclusion, the Pastor of the Cathedral, Father Faber gave thanks that this Mass could be held.

Audio quote follows

“Many thanks that the Gospel could be brought to the world, could come to many people, even when it is for some not 100% understandable. We thank those who were able to provide the venue, and allow u to celebrate the Mass in an appropriate manner.”

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