More news brewing on the Medjugorje front, according to the website Petrus.

This, from the blog Catholic Light:

Vicka Ivanković, Mirijana Dragičević, Marija Pavlović, Ivan Dragičević, Ivanka Ivanković and Jakov Čolo, the famous pseudo-seers of Medjugorje, will have to report to the Vatican, probably right after the summer, to respond to questions from the Commission of inquiry – instituted by Benedict XVI, under the presidency of Cardinal Camillo Ruini – assigned to shed light on the alleged Marian apparitions that they have reportedly witnessed uninterruptedly since June 24, 1981. At the same time, the six will be called on to submit to that body, created at the Pope’s will, the ten secrets which the Madonna is said to have entrusted to them.

The website also offers this intriguing possibility:

The establishment of the Commission represents an exception in the history of the Church, in consideration of the complexity of the phenomena that are allegedly happening at Medjugorje. It is naturally too soon yet to know or foresee what the Vatican will ratify in its regard, but in the ‘Sacri Palazzi’, many among the Cardinals and Bishops of the Curia are certain that at the end the Holy See may recognize these events ‘only’ as interior locutions of the seers and not as true and proper apparitions. In that way, the pilgrims would be able to continue to go to the little town in Bosnia-Herzegovina to venerate the ‘Gospa’ (as they call the Virgin there), knowing well, however, that our heavenly Mother is not appearing in that place.

That sounds a little odd to me — and it’s little more than speculation at this point, anyway. You can read more at the Catholic Light link. Stay tuned.

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