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From Salon comes this wrenching story of a young woman struggling to save her brother from his own madness: Like any New Yorker, I was no stranger to homeless people. I passed by them on my way to the shiny …Read More

Maybe, according to local news reports: Parts of St. John the Baptist’s relics might have been discovered during archaeological excavations in Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea town of Sozopol, report Bulgarian media. Archaeologists investigating the Sv. Ivan (St. John) island off …Read More

That’s the question that is lurking in the back of Cathleen Falsani’s mind. She’s been asked to officiate at the wedding of two friends, and is mulling what to say. From the Huffington Post: In the Book of Common Prayer’s …Read More

Interfaith dialogue in action.  These people need prayers. This is the sort of nonsense that gives Christianity a bad name.  Comments are now closed on this thread.

A lecturer at Oxford University’s Center for Jewish Studies claims colleagues discriminated against her after she converted to Christianity. From the Telegraph: Dr Tali Argov says she was overlooked for promotion, stripped of her privileges and cold-shouldered at social gatherings. …Read More

During my recent visit to Cincinnati, I spent a pleasant hour sipping coffee at “The Catholic Cafe,” the radio show hosted by Deacon Jeff Drzycimski. The program we taped is now online for those who’d like to hear Your Humble …Read More

Shocking news out of Eastern Europe: The parents decided to baptize the child on July 22. The priest of the local church, who is also the chief of all priests of the district, was not going to be there, so …Read More

In Britain, it’s a crisis that could lead to extinction, according to the BBC: The future of four Catholic orders in Cambridge is in doubt, because no new nuns have joined since the 1980s. Sister Gemma Simmonds is a lecturer …Read More

From the Brooklyn Desk… The Bench has just gotten word that Friday is National Cheesecake Day. The good people at Junior’s — a Brooklyn institution, if ever there was one — are offering a free slice of their iconic desert …Read More

Disturbing news out of France, about a group of nuns who made headlines recently: Benedictine nuns from a secluded convent in southern France have received death threats after winning a deal aimed at creating a chart-topping album, a newspaper reported …Read More