I came across this terrific reflection by the Concord Pastor, who offers a probing examination of conscience keyed to the theme of understanding. It strikes me as particularly apt for those who spend time here in the blogosphere:

Do I listen with a desire to learn?

Do I seek to understand that I might learn the truth?

Do I speak with sincere respect for those who hear me?

Do I listen as intently to others as I hope others listen to me?

Do I open myself to truths, old and new,
truths I’ve not known or understood before, truths I’ve rejected?

Do I speak the truth charitably when it calls others to accountability?

Do I listen humbly when others speak a discomforting truth to me?

Do I recognize my own limitations’ impact on how I understand others?

Do I listen patiently to others who disagree with me?

Do I speak patiently to those who misunderstand me?

Do I keep in mind that some people
have been misunderstood all their lives?
Do I understand that some people will just never understand?

Do I understand how much more there always is for me to understand?

Do I know how to converse without needing to convince?

Do I know how to debate without needing to defeat?

Do I forgive those who misunderstand me?

Do I ask forgiveness of those I’ve misunderstood?

Do I seek, do I pray to understand more
and to be more understanding?

Do I seek to understand so that I might gain wisdom?

Do I allow the truth to correct my misunderstandings?

Do I speak the truth I know that others might understand it?

Do my words invite others to consider, understand
and embrace what is true?

Do I understand there is a truth to be understood?

Visit the Concord Pastor for more. And I have to say: Fr. Fleming’s thoughtful, cheerful, prayerful blog remains one of the nicest on the web. Visiting there is like spending time with an old friend — one who just happens to give great homilies, too!   Stop by and say hello.

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