The Deacon's Bench

Or so it seems, according to a new poll just released:

Support for the Roman Catholic Church has risen in Poland, a survey showed on Tuesday, despite child sexual abuse scandals that have badly eroded its authority and reputation in many other countries.

The TNS OBOP survey, conducted from April 8 to 19 among 1,056 people, showed 73 percent of Poles had a high regard for the church’s work, up 5 percentage points from March. Only 18 percent of respondents viewed the church critically.

The survey coincided with a plane crash on April 10 that killed Poland’s president, his wife and 94 others, mostly senior military and political officials. The disaster triggered a week of national mourning in which the church played a central role.

In previous months, too, support for the church has held up well in Poland, with positive ratings consistently above 60 percent, even as it struggled in countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland with revelations of sexual abuse of children by priests, some of it dating back decades.

You can find more background at the link.

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