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The name Mandy Smith may not ring many bells these days — but her teenage fling (and subsequent marriage) to Rolling Stone Bill Wyman made headlines decades ago. Now she’s set her life on a decidedly different course:

Many people who encounter Mandy now know nothing of her headline-grabbing past. It emerged this week that her new life includes mentoring young girls at a church.

She rediscovered religion in 2005 and she says it saved her life. She utters phrases such as: ‘God is the only man in my life now.’ Religion seems to have given her a

purpose. She was brought up a Roman Catholic. ‘I made my first communion,’ she recalls. ‘But when I should have been being confirmed, I was with Bill. I was fallen, I guess. But the great thing about the Church is that you can go back. It’s never too late.’

She cites a note she received from a nun who had once taught her. ‘She said that Jesus does not look at mistakes I had made, or the times I had ignored him. Until then, I’d felt a terrible guilt about the life I’d led. I realised that there was another way.’

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