Some disturbing news out of Tennessee:

Two Baptist church pamphlets are causing controversy with a Roman Catholic church in Pigeon Forge.

12079162_BG1.jpgThe pamphlet suggests the Roman Catholic church isn’t Christian and the pope is an anti-Christ.

While some people say the pamphlet expresses religious freedom, others say it’s a hate crime.

Father Jay Flaherty, of Holy Cross Catholic Church, said he first learned about the pamphlets when one of his youth brought one to him.

“There’s two of them that really upset me because I knew it would upset the children,” Father Flaherty said. “One’s called the ‘Death Cookie,’ which claims that our communion is from the devil.”

The other pamphlet, titled “Last Rites,” shows cartoon drawings of a Roman Catholic man who isn’t saved because he didn’t accept Christ.

The pamphlets have been passed out before, but Father Flaherty says this is the first time a church’s name has been printed on them.

The church is Conner Heights Baptist Church, located on Conner Heights Road.

Preacher Jonathan Hatcher says the pamphlets are meant to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“This is an isolated event where just one believer had an obligation to share with a Catholic friend, in a difference of what we believe,” Pastor Hatcher said.

Father Flaherty feels differently. “I don’t want another Columbine at Pigeon Forge High School. I can see by this stuff that some people who aren’t straight in the head believing it and persecuting the Catholic kids,” he said.

You can read more about this at the link.

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