Everybody has their own advice on this subject. Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day (and World Marriage Day), the Wall Street Journal asks a few famous people for their ideas. 

Sharon Osbourn, says “Never, ever give up.” Her husband concurs: “At least if you’re arguing, you’re talking. If you stop talking, it’s time to call it a day. ” 
But my favorite wisdom is probably this:

My sister, a doctor, told me about one of her patients, a 92-year-old woman who showed up for her appointment with her husband, who is 94. They said they have been married for almost 70 years.

My sister, highly impressed, asked the couple the secret to their union’s longevity. And they looked at each other for a long moment. Then the wife spoke: “Eh, neither of us died.”

Check out the rest. There’s some interesting, common sense advice here.  

I would add, of course, “Pray.  Often.  Together.”  But that doesn’t seem to be a priority for a lot of people these days (certainly not for the Osbourns, at least…) 
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