The Deacon's Bench

A priest friend sent this my way: news that a local TV station has named a deacon as its “Queens Person of the Week.”

Not only that, but the deacon in question is a classmate of mine, Arthur Griffin.

Hail, King Arthur!

It’s great to see a hardworking local boy get some attention — and to see the spotlight shining on the work that deacons do.

Check it out.

By happy coincidence, Arthur’s story moved across the wire on the same day that Zenit posted its news about the Pope visiting a shelter for the poor in Rome.  In his remarks, the Holy Father singled out the work of a deacon, too:

He encouraged those who work in the shelter to “have before your eyes and your heart Jesus’ example, who for love became our servant and loved us ‘to the end,’ to the cross.”

“Be joyous witnesses of the infinite charity of God,” the Holy Father stated, “and, imitating the example of the deacon St. Lawrence, consider these friends of yours a treasure more precious than your life.”

You’re in very good company, Art.

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