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The words of remarkable young lady named Ashley Torrenti, a 6th grader at a Catholic school in Flushing, Queens. Her parents were going to throw her a big birthday party. But she decided, instead, to send the money to Haiti. …Read More

This is something truly inspired, and will be a bracing tonic for anyone who has spent too much time watching cable TV.   God bless Tracey Ullman. Enjoy.

Over 20 years ago — before Tim Tebow was causing a stir with a pro-life Super Bowl ad — championship players from the NFL appeared in the video below to state their advocacy for life. The video, and more, are …Read More

Evidently, Wiccans form the largest non-Christian faith in the Air Force. Now they’ll have a place to call their own: The U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado will set aside a worship space for followers of “Earth-centered” religions such as …Read More

According to a new study, yes: A study to be released next month is offering a rare glimpse inside gay relationships and reveals that monogamy is not a central feature for many. Some gay men and lesbians argue that, as …Read More

Salt Lake City ordained a new batch of deacons last week, and the local Catholic paper has some great pictures of the event. Check ’em out. Ad multos annos, brothers! Congratulations!

Somehow, I missed this when it was published last weekend, but Cardinal Sean, in his blog, makes note of something most others in the mainstream media missed — and something this writer below picked up as well: many at the …Read More

“GTG.” “BRB.” “LOL.” “ROFL.” Anyone who’s sent or received a text message knows what those mean. Last week, I read a story that put them in perspective. It was about a monologue, on radio, delivered by Adam Gopnik, a writer …Read More

It’s happening in more dioceses around the country, and the New York Timesthis morning looks at the impact that parish closings is having on Camden, New Jersey: Eleanor Medany remembers when South Jersey was in thrall to Roman Catholicism. There …Read More

At a church in Michigan, the pastor has posted a parting shot for people who decide to leave mass early: Some people still take off right after Communion at St. Peter Church, but not as many now that they have …Read More