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Writer James Carroll takes a quick scan through the latest headlines involving the Catholic Church and politics and concludes, with no small amount of distaste, that the episcopal deck is stacked with (you can almost hear him shudder) conservatives: The …Read More

Some scientists are starting to think so. From Tuesday’s New York Times: Biologists are beginning to form a generally sunnier view of humankind. Their conclusions are derived in part from testing very young children, and partly from comparing human children …Read More

“These are personal issues of faith for me. I’m not going to indulge in this debate anymore. It’s really for me about what my constituents are most interested in now, and that is getting a health care bill passed that …Read More

The Wall Street Journal has taken the plunge into online video very seriously — and they’ve just posted this interesting discussion on the Vatican’s outreach to Anglicans. Take a look.

Here’s a moving, even inspiring story of how one priest is using his own illness and death to give a lesson in living: At the St. Anne Catholic Church, people have heard many sermons about life and death. But one …Read More

To kick-start your Monday: a familiar rock anthem gets a new spin, courtesy the terrific (and justly celebrated) PS22 Chorus. A message of hopeful anticipation for this first Monday of Advent: don’t stop believin’.

A church in Detroit kicked off the new liturgical year by doing something besides lighting a candle and hanging purple: St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church held a gun buyback event Saturday, offering $20 for each weapon. The church, known for its …Read More

The first unhappy surprise that my wife and I discovered at the airport this holiday weekend: bag charges. Every. Bag. Checked. Ka-ching. The last time we flew, last summer, they let you check one for free. No more. They don’t …Read More

With a little free time to explore today (!), I wandered over to For Your Marriage, the website on the sacrament set up a couple years ago by the USCCB. I visited there a few times when it first debuted, …Read More

Further proof that there are angels among us. A train door separated a three-year-old toddler from his father — and a woman was there to take the child’s hand and wait with him until his dad made it back. Watch …Read More