The Deacon's Bench

From Texas comes a moving story of forgiveness:

On July 9, 2007, while unloading groceries in his garage, Don McCullough noticed a young man hurrying along the sidewalk and perspiring on the hot day. McCullough called out and offered the stranger a bottle of the water he was carrying in his grocery sack.

Alonzo Lewis took the water, left, then returned. He robbed and killed Don McCullough, stabbing the 73-year-old retired Air Force colonel more than 30 times.

McCullough’s wife, Margaret Mary, heard the commotion and called 911. When Lewis, now 27, was arrested at his workplace, holding some of McCullough’s property, the local media reported widespread shock and outrage.

More than two years later, Margaret Mary McCullough confronted her husband’s murderer and the story, once again, caused an uproar. This time, however, it wasn’t shock and outrage. It was astonishment and awe. She told Lewis that she has forgiven him.

Check out the link for the rest, including insight about the McCullough’s faith from their bishop. 

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