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Out in Los Angeles, there’s this remarkable story of a priest’s own struggle with cancer — and how he’s using that to spread the gospel message: In his flowing, cream-colored chasuble, Msgr. Marc Trudeau ambled back and forth in front […]

Check out this classic Colbert from earlier in the week. MCPF Stephen Colbert on the pope: “He’s like a flying squirrel.” You have to see it. Enjoy.

Personally, I’d love to hear this for myself: There was some Catholic toe tapping to the strains of banjo and fiddle as the first ever “Bluegrass Mass” was celebrated in September exactly where it belonged: the “birthplace of country music,” […]

That seems to be a sticking point in publishing the document that will help ease the way for Anglicans hoping to enter the Catholic Church: The delay in publishing the apostolic constitution, which will allow large numbers of Anglicans to […]

That would be Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, who just posted a lively, and timely, attack on anti-Catholicism in general — and the New York Times in particular. He lists a number of compelling and frankly outrageous examples, […]

Over at his blog, Msgr. Charles Pope has some intriguing ideas about one way to improve the quality of homilies: My own experience as a priest powerfully underscores the role of congregation in helping to craft the preaching moment. I […]

From Texas comes a moving story of forgiveness: On July 9, 2007, while unloading groceries in his garage, Don McCullough noticed a young man hurrying along the sidewalk and perspiring on the hot day. McCullough called out and offered the […]

Acclaimed Catholic novelist Mary Gordon has a new book out — and the subject strikes very close to home: it’s all about the gospels.  From Newsweek: The novelist and literary critic Mary Gordon loves the story of the prodigal son, […]

One of the most famous — and infamous — Catholic theologians is not impressed with Pope Benedict’s overture to the Anglicans: Dissident theologian Father Hans Kung criticized Pope Benedict XVI for his recent opening to discontented Anglicans, charging the pope […]

Larry David has had his moments of brilliance. But this wasn’t one of them: Comedian Larry David is under attack from critics who say he pushed the mocking of religion and Christian belief in miracles over the edge in the […]