This morning, my TV show “Currents” interviewed Laura Sheahen, from Catholic Relief Services in Manila, who described in harrowing detail the recovery efforts there after the devastating typhoon.   She also contacted her old pals at Beliefnet, and passed along the incredible photo below:

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Laura’s description: 

Flood survivors receive aid at a chapel in Marikina, Philippines. When tropical storm Ketsana hit the island, massive flooding drove thousands from their homes. Father Javier Mexicano, shown here standing, was caught in his small parish house during the storm. He and another priest broke through the roof, waited there for the waters to settle, and eventually swam to safety.

A pew is lodged in the rafters of the chapel, where it floated during the flood.  The chapel’s name? Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us — and pray for them!  

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