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The Anchoress sent me this link and — knowing how much I love this show — said, “Here. Knock yourself out.” I did. The results are below. The new season begins August 16. Set your TiVo!

Or, maybe, our desire for naps.

A reader sent me the picture below (I’m not sure where it was shot; it was sent to him by a friend) and noted: “Having traveled all over the US and Europe I haven’t even seen it before. So, I …Read More

From the Anglican Desk (Communion Division) comes this bit of news: An Anglican cathedral is trying to accommodate those of its faithful who do not accept female clergy by allowing parishioners to decide whether to accept communion bread blessed by …Read More

I’m old enough to remember the excitement generated when Elizabeth Ann Seton was declared a saint in 1975. (It was an especially big deal in my neck of the woods, Maryland.) Now, they’re about to mark the bicentennial of her …Read More

This has been widely circulated, but it’s well worth reading and pondering: a modern story of pilgrimage and pure, undiluted trust: They’ve been mistaken for Jedi-wannabes headed to a Star Wars convention. They’ve been investigated by police, approached by strangers, …Read More

Here’s something the pope should definitely mention in his next encyclical: Ghulam Nabi Azad, the Health and Family Welfare Minister, has called for the country to redouble its efforts to bring electricity to all of its huge rural population. The …Read More

“The primary function of the MSM is not to inform but to sell beer and shampoo. Informing and enlightening are entirely secondary to that overriding capitalist value. So given the choice between understanding and ratings-grabbing sensationalism, the MSM will choose …Read More

An alert reader sent this my way: some intriguing thoughts from FOB Meredith Gould: And what’s up with calling Roman Catholics to pray for “spiritual perfection in priests”? Rather ambitious, don’t you think? I think we should start with more …Read More

You may remember the flap over this story, which reported that Canada’s non-Catholic prime minister had received communion — but instead of consuming it, pocketed the host. Now, a Canadian paper has apologized: The saga of the missing holy host …Read More