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From the In My Own Backyard Desk: a generous and anonymous benefactor is giving back to the Church that gave him so much — and a group of recently unemployed nuns is reaping the benefits. The scoop, in the NY …Read More

…what may be the most spectacularly depressing movie of all time! Really. Roland Emmerich — who obliterated much of the world in “Independence Day,” and then went back to do it again with “The Day After Tomorrow” — turns his …Read More

Catholic News Service is running a series of reflections for the Year for Priests, and this caught my eye: one pastor’s brief outline of his “day off.” Take a look: This, in fact, was how yesterday went. It started at …Read More

That sound you hear is me, slapping the desk and laughing hysterically. Honestly. How can anyone take seriously something like this: Researchers at the University of Michigan have concluded that the love stories told in classic Disney and other G-rated …Read More

Conventional wisdom holds that the South is where Mother Church is growing and thriving — and these figures out of Atlanta seem to bear that out: The fruit is considerable — in the heart of the Bible Belt, the North …Read More

Not the person you may be thinking of. Take a look below at the man considered the originator of the moves Michael Jackson immortalized. The classic steps appear at the end.

“When we preach, we say you’re supposed to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. We believe in what you call the via media, the middle way. We would always condemn unbridled cutthroat capitalism as well as socialism. So we …Read More

A special “Deacon’s Bench” shoutout this Monday to the three men who were ordained priests for the Diocese of Brooklyn on Saturday: Fr. Tom Shepanzyk, Fr. Robert Mucci and Fr. Daniel Champoli. Ad multos annos, brothers! Meet them and hear …Read More

In what may be a first, a New Jersey diocese has decided to carve out its own corner of cyberspace: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton recently launched a video-sharing Web site,, to post video and audio produced by …Read More

It sounds like an Abbott & Costello routine, but this is no joke: two men with the same name are deacons, a father and son, but soon the son will become a Father. Florida Catholic sorts it out: The Nixon …Read More