And now, Trenton.

The Diocese ordained a baker’s dozen o’ deacons last weekend. The Monitor, the diocesan paper, has a full report:

Thirteen men were ordained to the permanent diaconate by Bishop John M. Smith in St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral, Trenton, May 9.

The new deacons are: John M. DeValue, Ascension Parish, Bradley Beach; John A. DiLissio, St. Raphael-Holy Angels Parish, Hamilton; Robert Folinus, St. Joseph Parish, Perrineville; Thomas Genovese, St. Joseph Parish, Toms River; Richard T. Glogoza, St. John Parish, Lakehurst; Jose J. Jimenez, Corpus Christi Parish, Willingboro; Robert J. Johnson, St. Agnes Parish, Atlantic Highlands; Michael Lonie, St. Catharine Parish, Holmdel; Thomas Loughran, St. Peter Parish, Point Pleasant Beach; Andrew G. Luhman Jr, St. Rose of Lima Parish, Freehold; Gary J. Pstrak, St. Denis Parish, Manasquan; Joseph Richichi, Holy Trinity Parish, Long Branch; and Richard J. Weber, St. Rose Parish, Belmar.

Deacons are, with bishops and priests, one of three orders of ordained ministers in the Catholic Church. The origin of deacons is described in the Acts of the Apostles. When the 12 men Jesus chose became overwhelmed, they picked seven men and commissioned them to represent and reinforce the servant ministry of the Church. The ordination began with the Liturgy of the Word, which was followed by the rite of ordination. Typical for an ordination Mass, family members and friends of the ordinands participated. Ileana Morales, wife of Deacon Jose Jimenez, proclaimed the First Reading in Spanish. Kathryn Lonie, wife of Deacon Michael Lonie, proclaimed the Second Reading in English.

After the Gospel reading, the election of the deacons took place in which each deacon candidate stood and said, “Present,” as his name was called.

“Do you know them to be worthy?” Bishop Smith asked Msgr. Ralph Stansley, director of the diocesan Office of the Diaconate, who answered that he had.

“We rely on the help of the Lord God and our Savior Jesus Christ, and we choose these men, our brothers, for the order of deacons,” said Bishop Smith.

In his homily, Bishop Smith said how the ordination marks “a very beautiful moment in the lives of the deacons and their families and in the life of the Church in the Diocese of Trenton.” He then thanked the families of the men, especially the wives, and commented that the strength of the family played an integral role in their journey to become deacons.

To the congregation, the bishop said, “This man, your relative and friend, is now to be raised to the Order of Deacons. Consider carefully the ministry to which he is to be promoted.

“He will draw new strength from the gift of the Holy Spirit. He will help the bishop and his body of priests as a minister of the Word, of the altar, and of charity. He will make himself a servant to all. As a minister of the altar he will proclaim the Gospel, prepare the sacrifice, and give the Lord’s body and blood to the community of believers.

“Like the men the apostles chose for works of charity, you should be a man of good reputation, filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Show before God and mankind that you are above every suspicion of blame, a true minister of Christ and of God’s mysteries, a man firmly rooted in faith. Never turn away from the hope which the Gospel offers; now you must not only listen to God’s word but also preach it. Hold the mystery of faith with a clear conscience. Express in action what you proclaim by word of mouth. Then the people of Christ, brought to life by the Spirit, will be an offering God accepts. Finally, on the last day, when you go to meet the Lord, you will hear him say: “‘Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.'”

You can find more at the Monitor link. Congratulations and welcome, brothers!

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