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Below is a first glimpse (or second, thanks to Rocco) of Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s new coat of arms that will soon adorn St. Patrick’s. An explanation of what it all means — and a nod to the permanent deacon, Paul …Read More

Remember Matt Harding and his delightful dance around the world? Over at NPR, he’s offered his thoughts on what that exercise taught him: Here’s what I can report back: People want to feel connected to each other. They want to …Read More

The head of the order which founded Notre Dame has penned a letter to President Obama, and CNS has details from Rome: U.S. Father Hugh W. Cleary, Holy Cross superior general in Rome, said that when Obama receives an honorary …Read More

Not content with simply renouncing their faith — or just ignoring it and sleeping in on Sundays — a number of non-believers have decided to take things a step further: More than 100,000 Britons have recently downloaded “certificates of de-baptism” …Read More

There was much buzz a few weeks ago when it was revealed that Newt Gingrich was going to join the Catholic Church. Last weekend, he reportedly made it official. Since then, news has been scarce. But this tidbit popped up …Read More

The results of this recent Gallup poll are, to put it mildly, interesting. It does make one wonder: just how do you define “Catholic” for these things? And, of course: if this is even remotely accurate, what does that say …Read More

In the Washington Post this Sunday, you could read this opinion on the Obama-Notre Dame mess: I am an alumnus of Notre Dame. I am adamantly pro-life, independent as a voter — and greatly pleased that Obama has agreed to …Read More

“They made a big mistake. There’s a lot of things that President Obama does that we can find ourselves allied with and working with him on, and we have profound respect for him and pray with him and for him. …Read More

That seems to be the big news waiting to break, via Brit blogger Damian Thompson: The Pope’s press officer, Fr Federico Lombardi, is to resign after Benedict XVI’s visit to the Holy Land, according to Italian and German press reports. …Read More

Ever since Cardinal Egan’s eyebrow-raising remarks on celibacy earlier this month, there’s been more discussion about a married priesthood. (Shameless plug: Part of that discussion will take part Sunday night on The NET, on a program I produce called “In …Read More