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“About 80 percent in this town are Catholic but they’re still voting for Obama. The state is very conservative but everybody pays attention to politics and the issue here like anywhere else is a town that needs jobs. The economy …Read More

From last October, here’s part of my homily for All Saints Day 2007: Shortly after he converted to Catholicism in the late 1930s, Thomas Merton was walking the streets of New York with his friend, Robert Lax. Lax was Jewish, …Read More

Here comes a beautiful reminder that you can never anticipate what God will do. It’s a poignant and inspiring story of faith, hope and life, from Florida Catholic: Friends and colleagues said “maybe you should interrupt the pregnancy” when Daniele …Read More

A Wisconsin Catholic school principal found himself in hot water this week for posting a sign supporting Barack Obama in his yard: The heated reaction to a Barack Obama sign appearing in the Catholic Memorial High School principal’s yard “reflects …Read More

The woman who made the funniest and most famous deli order in movie history has died. She’s Estelle Reiner, who uttered just five words in “When Harry Met Sally,” but ended up practically stealing the picture. (She’s lurking in the …Read More

Longtime readers may remember the item I posted last year about Jessica Rowley, who was looking forward to being the “first pregnant Catholic priest.” Well, guess what? You can read more about her right here. She belongs to something called …Read More

This story popped up in the Boston Globe a few days back, but it’s too good to pass up: In Rome recently, a parade of luminaries, starting with Pope Benedict XVI, spent the better part of a week reading the …Read More

The good people at Busted Halo have recruited the esteemed saint expert, Fr. James Martin, SJ, to talk about all the saints (for All Saints) and, because they’re so closely linked, the neighboring holiday, Halloween. Take a look.

The Pacific Northwest can count four more deacons, and the Catholic Sentinel has the scoop: David Briedwell, a firefighter and paramedic, joined the Catholic Church in 1990. On a Marriage Encounter weekend, he felt grabbed. Before he knew it, he …Read More

A friend in Florida sent me this e-mail, from his diocese. Evidently, it’s being circulated to all the parish priests: The 2008 Election is only a few days away and parish parking lots offer an easy target for outside organizations …Read More