The Deacon's Bench

A hearty “Deacon’s Bench” hello to a shiny new deacon’s blog — from Brooklyn, no less! — focusing on art and the church.

It’s the brainchild of an artist and brother deacon by the name of Bernard M. Deschler, whose work is truly extraordinary (a sample is below — Bernie’s interpretation of “Easter Morning).

For more of his work, and his ideas on art and liturgy, pop over to Art and the Catholic Church.

As Bernie describes it:

This blog is to connect all peoples thru the Arts, Sanctity and the Truth of the Word of God. An architect, artist and ordained deacon of the Catholic Church, this Blogger labors to preach the Word thru his artistry and that of other artists past,present and future to enable scripture to become alive in the liturgy of the church.

The artist manages to capture the essence of scripture beyond mere words. His blog is his studio. Pay him a visit and say hello.

Welcome, Bernie!