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Originally published in CONNECT! by Liturgical Publications, Inc..Shortly after he converted to Catholicism in the late 1930s, Thomas Merton was walking the streets of New York with his friend, Robert Lax. Lax was Jewish, and he asked Merton what he …Read More

What’s it like to have a 15th century job in the 21st century? This plugged-in nun knows — and San Francisco’s David Ian Miller decided to toss a few questions her way. His interview: Her cell phone has a custom …Read More

While so much of the Catholic press has been cooing over the new movie “Bella” — produced by a devout Catholic (and co-producer of Mel Gibson’s “Passion”) and carrying an explicit pro-life message — not everyone has been enraptured. Some …Read More

Our music-loving spiritual maestro, Pope Benedict, offered this weekend a few thoughts on that other maestro, Beethoven, particularly his venerable Ninth Symphony: After listening to a performance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony,” Pope Benedict XVI called the work a …Read More

Boston’s Blogging Eminence, who weekly sheds light on what it’s like being the Cardinal Archbishop of Beantown, posted the photo below to his blog, to indicate which team he was rooting for in the World Series (as if we didn’t …Read More

Late-breaking news on the Britney Spears religion beat. Hours after I’d posted this important news about a Kentucky church that has taken up Britney as A Cause (and cause celebre?) this item crackled across the wire: Britney Spears is now …Read More

Boston’s Jonathan Papelbon celebrates after the Red Sox won Game 4 4-3 to win the 2007 World Series in a four-game sweep of the Rockies. Photo: by Getty Images/Jamie Squire

It was an event that mingled pomp and politics in a way that is rare for a ceremony that was billed as strictly spiritual. But it resulted in a beatification for the record books: The Vatican held the biggest mass …Read More

If anyone doesn’t know what deacons are — and, from experience, I can tell you that many don’t — here’s some help. A leading newspaper in southern Virginia, the Virginian-Pilot, has a surprisingly in-depth (and, for once, surprisingly accurate) article …Read More

Along with praying for peace, justice and loving your neighbor, a church in Kentucky now has another urgent cause to promote. I’m speaking, of course, of Britney Spears. From the AP: The congregation of Southland Christian Church is being asked …Read More