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While America absorbs the ramifications of the motu proprio, there’s a parish in Indiana that seems to have mastered a delicate balance. It’s been offering mass in both the old and new rite for several years : Holy Rosary Parish …Read More

I’m sure you’ve been wondering, like I have, about the moral and theological implications of “The Simpsons Movie.” Thankfully, the folks over at Busted Halo have decided to tackle that question for us, with this illuminating essay by Mark I. …Read More

Most lay ministers will tell you that parish life can sometimes be a three-ring circus. But here’s a story about a guy in Virginia who knows it better than most: Sometimes Rob Tessier balances a chair or a desk on …Read More

And what are you doing for the feast of St. Ignatius? I’m remembering a pilgrimage we took to Rome in 2000, for the Jubilee. One of the places we visited was the famous Gesu, where the saint is buried and …Read More

You might think that an organization named for the patron saint of lawyers would have a better sense of what’s legit, and what isn’t. But then again, maybe not: The St. Thomas More Society of San Diego has invited “womanpriest” …Read More

Hot on the heels of my post yesterday that mentioned golf, here comes news that some chaps in Britain are turning the grounds of a closed seminary into a world class golf course: The £115m development of a former Catholic …Read More

Near Albany, New York, as with so much of the country, they’re dealing with parish closings and consolidations. The members of one closed parish found that they missed one another so much, they decided to “gather us in” — and …Read More

Here’s a fascinating — and illuminating — critique of the years following Vatican II from someone in a position to know: Pope Benedict XVI. It strikes me as particularly on target, because he places the upheaval in its proper context, …Read More

It’s no secret that a lot of deacons embark on ministry as a second career, many after retiring. And now, it turns out some retirement communities (most notably in Florida) are becoming thriving havens for deacons: Dana McCarthy lived a …Read More

Here’s a small but significant detail that many have overlooked in writing about the mammoth sex abuse settlement in LA: a number of those who committed abuse were not priests: Church teachers, sports coaches and even unpaid parochial school volunteers …Read More