Rarely do I share book reviews here, and yet this book prompted me to do so.

If you are in need of a curriculum for a young person or a jumpstart at retirement, this book is that.  If you are looking for fresh ideas to lift your creative practice or deepen your capacity to enjoy the simple things in life, this book is that. Randomly opening to any page is how I use the book.  There are many things/suggestions/ideas there that I’ve used my whole life and that I teach others. AND there are new ideas, fresh challenges and reminders that I find essential to my own capacity to stay on track with my intentions.

The Table of Contents, alone, provides a set of inspiring prompts to invite change or deepen an already excellent practice. People who live a wholehearted life generally do so without writing their processes down – they live them and model them for others. Susyn Reeve has provided a real service here by compiling authentic, tried practices that generate wellness, happiness, contentment, deeper joy and a sense of success and ease. It’s a textbook for living fully with ever expanding capacity. This book can be used over the year, as it is presented or with “intentional randomness.” Any way a reader uses this volume will underscore and highlight the best practices of your life and lay down paths to more rewarding ways of thinking and being that you, perhaps, have yet to discover.

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