There are two lines that people have to fill out when enrolling in school, in a new program, camp, new doctor…

“Nearest relative.”   “Person to call in case of emergency.”

In LIVE BOLDLY I explore several sides of the concept of family.  There’s the family that you are born into and then there is the family that you choose for yourself in various stages of your life.  I consider myself blessed to still be close and associate with many people with whom I went to grade school and high school.  One of my dearest friends in this time of my life I have known since I was 18 years old. Some others I treasure I only met just last year. Time seems less significant than true connection.  (page 80, LIVE BOLDLY reads)…

fate makes us family. choice maks us friends. there are two lines i fill out with your name: nearest relative and person to call in case of emergency. that i was born in this circle – i am blessed. that i choose to stand in this circle – i am proud.

Who in your life is your “person” to call in an emergency?  Have you mentioned to them, lately, how much you appreciate them?  THIS might be the perfect moment to do so.

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