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Sabbatical.  It’s tossed around a lot.  What IS it?  What does it mean?

If you are Tawana -it might mean ducking out of the heat of the politics of Botswana.

If you are Eastern Oregon Pastor, Marc Mullins, it might mean taking a fully grant-funded musical journey to your roots in Ireland.  Taking time away from the thirty-plus years of ministerial service.

If you are Beyonce – the beauty with glorious vocal capacity – it  might mean getting clear on your priorities. She’s announced her intention to take a year Sabbatical to learn things that she’s wanted to know and tend to her precious priorities of family and friends.

What do these people have to do with you?  They are each, following the model of Sabbatical, taking time AWAY from that which is usual and expected in their lives and turning to something else.  To Learn and Study.  To establish a new or different pattern.  To simply rest.  What if you aren’t an internationally recognized political figure, a grant-funded minister or a celebrity?  Can you still enjoy a Sabbatical?  Absolutely!

To answer that question I’ll  borrow from LIVE WITH INTENTION,  my book on “rediscovering what we deeply know.”  Perhaps you cannot plan for a year, or months of Sabbatical, or even a week.  But, maybe you can seize Sabbatical moments…



Sabbath is defined as a period of rest.

Rest from that which is normal.

You can determine the length of that period.

To sabbatize is to enjoy a set aside time for doing something outside the ordinary. Taking a daily sabbatical can be your investment in rest, continued learning, calming your busy self. Take a short sabbatical today and see if you return to your ordinary tasks – renewed.



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