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Adele recently opened up to her crowd in Las Vegas during her residency on her “Weekends with Adele” tour about her divorce, saying that she had to go to five therapy sessions a day. She got candid about her journey with going to therapy, and how it helped her get back on stage by saying, “I started having therapy again, right? Cuz I went a few years not having it. Before when I was going through my divorce, I was like basically doing like, five therapy sessions a day.”

The “Rolling In The Deep” singer married Simon Konecki in 2018, after being together for seven years, but the pair divorced in 2021. The pair shares one son together, Angelo. Adele spoke with Oprah about her disappointment by saying, “I’m so disappointed for my son. I was so disappointed for myself.” Adele has spoken at length about her struggles with the divorce and how it has impacted her career and even her well-being. “But I stopped holding myself accountable for my own behavior and the things that I would say,” she said. “And it’s ‘cuz I could always fall back on my therapist and be like ‘The reason you did that is because when you were 10 this happened.’” She added on by saying that recommitting to therapy has allowed her to be the best version of herself when she comes on stage to perform. “Now I’m doing it because I just want to make sure that I’m topping myself up every week to make sure I can give you everything,” she said.

The singer seems to be at her very best, telling her Vegas residency crowd, “Having a human interaction every weekend is honestly – I’m the happiest I’ve ever, ever, ever been.” The singer will continue with her “Weekends with Adele” tour until March of 2023.

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