The goal of Meet a Dad: Profile a dad and let him share his fatherly wisdom with us. Some of these dads will be well-known in certain circles; others will be largely unknown outside of their immediate circles. Doesn’t matter, because I think just about every father has as much (or more) to share than I do.

Today’s dad is my buddy Ken Grant, who is the marketing director for a company called Analtech (yes…that’s the real name) and is informally known as the godfather of social media in Delaware.


Tell us who you are and what you do…

I’m Ken Grant. I’ve had the privilege of working in media and politics. These days I’m a marketing director for a lab manufacturing company and I try to cause trouble whenever I can. I have two kids from my first marriage — Justin is 18 and just graduated from high school, Kelsey is 17 and is on schedule to graduate next year.

What is one thing you do that qualifies you for being an above-average dad?

Like previous respondents, let me clarify that I have never claimed to be an above-average dad. I would argue there’s probably more than a few people who would argue that I’m less than average.

That being said, I think I try to offer some guidance to without being too controlling. I try to learn along with the kids, and I try to include them in many of the things I’ve done over the years (which means they were hanging out in bars when they were 10 for some political events, but I think that’s also given them a good sense of working with people from different backgrounds).

What is one thing you do that results in eye rolls and/or exasperation from your kids?

Singing in public, dancing in public.

What is the most challenging aspect of fatherhood for you?

Allowing them to make some mistakes and learn lessons on their own. You want to step in and save them from any potential pitfalls, but experience shows that they will only learn some lessons if they go through them on their own.

What is your absolute favorite thing to do with your kid?

My kids and I really enjoy good movies and concerts (got to take them to see Bob Dylan last year), and getting involved with fun community projects (Newark Giant Freeze, Adventures of Ana).

What’s the best advice you ever received about fatherhood?

Respect the person that is your child — delight in discovering who they are

If another father asked you for one piece of advice about being a dad, what would you tell him?

Allow the child to explore – and explore with them. Do crazy stuff. Invite them into your world. Be vulnerable. (I know: that’s more than one piece.)

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